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Approved by DTE, Maharashtra, Mumbai,    Recognized by AICTE, New Delhi,     Affiliated by RTMNU, Nagpur

Welcome to DBACER

Meghe Group Of Institutions (MGI)

The development and sustenance of the industrial sector is entirely dependent upon the availability of trained manpower to perform the multidimensional activities to keep the wheels of industry running. Preparing highly skilled workforce for enterprises and profession and as responsible citizens of India is the principal of technical education. This calls for providing the state of art education so as to keep the pace of growth and development in tandem with the rapidly changing technologies. technical Education system also has to be flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes while making available equal opportunities to the students.


Students of DBACER placed in various Companies in 2014-15

 Nikhil Padole.JPG Nikhil Mohan Padole Ceasefire / iNautix 3.00 / 2.75
 Vinaysween Dahate.jpg VINAYSWEEN ARVIND DAHATE Ceasefire / iNautix 3.00 / 2.75
 Saket Shelar.jpg SAKET TATYARAO SHELAR Ceasefire / Teach for India 3.00 / 3.2
 Prajwal Sharma.jpg PRAJWAL KAMAL SHARMA Ceasefire Industries 3.00
 Sumit Pachhapurkar.jpg Sumeet Sudhir Pachchhapurkar Ceasefire Industries 3.00
 Ketan Thuturkar.jpg Ketan Moreshwar Thuturkar EXCELLON Software 3.00
 Sourabh Kapkar.jpg Sourabh Prakash Kapkar FACE / iNautix 5.00 / 2.75
 Yamini Sonaye.jpg Yamini Amarsingh Sonaye ICICI Prudential 1.80
 Abhishek Mhasurkar.jpg Abhishek Subhash Masurkar iNautix 2.75
 Ketan Kunjekar.jpg KETAN RAMBHAU KUNJEKAR iNautix 2.75
 Shubham Kaple.jpg Shubham Deepak Kaple iNautix 2.75
 Vinit Patil.jpg Vinit Soma Patil iNautix 2.75
 Dhanashree Patil.JPG Dhanashreee Chandrashekhar Patil L&T Infotech 3.00
 Munmun Barman.JPG Munmun Sapan Burman L&T Infotech 3.00
 Akshita Bhonsale.jpg Akshita Anand Bhonsale L&T Infotech 3.00
 Priyanka Shiwarkar.jpg PRIYANKA GAJANAN SHIWARKAR L&T Infotech 3.00
 Sneha Fate.jpg Sneha Ganpatrao Fate L&T Infotech 3.00
 Taniya Sule.jpg TANIYA AMOL SULE L&T Infotech 3.00
 Himanshu Nashine .jpg Himanshu Ajay Nashine L&T Infotech 3.00
 Apurva Bhadbhade.jpg Apurva sunil Bhadbhade Percept Web Solutions 1.80
 Rucha Patil.jpg Rucha Subhash Patil Percept Web Solutions 1.80
 Tulsi Thakur.jpg Tulsi Swaminath Thakur Percept Web Solutions 1.80
 Avinash Khadatkar.jpg Avinash Manohar Khadatkar Percept Web Solutions 1.80
 Pankaj Vishwakarma.jpg PANKAJ RAJENDRA VISHWAKARMA Percept Web Solutions 1.80
 Neha Singh.jpg Neha Bijeshwar Singh PERSISTENT Systems 3.58
 Monika Hazra.jpg Monika Monsa Hazra QUAGNITIA 2.40
 Smruti Khati.jpg Smruti Suresh Khati TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Pragyanjali Mahajan .jpg Pragyanjali Vilas Mahajan TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Samiksha Korde.jpg SAMIKSHA SANJAY KORDE TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Rishabh Jain.jpg Rishabh Kumar Jain TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Aman Jaiswal.jpg Aman Rajesh Jaiswal TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Ankit Agrawal.jpg Ankit Suresh Agrawal TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 Tejas Gunaghe.jpg TEJAS SANJAY GUNAGHE TATA Consultancy Services 3.25
 ajinkya ingle.JPG Ajinkya Anand Ingle Trust Systems 1.44
 Chinmay Karadkar.jpg Chinmay Arvind Karadkar ZENSAR Technologies 3.00
 Gaurav Bhojraj.jpg GAURAV PRAVIN BHOJRAJ Focus Academy for Career Enhancement 5.00
 Samiksha Kalmegh.jpg Samiksha Balasaheb Kalmegh PPTI - Global Energy 1.50
 Gaurav Dandade.jpg Gaurav Deepak Dandade PPTI - PURTI 1.50
 Ravikumar Jha.jpg Ravi Kameshwar Jha PPTI - PURTI 1.50
 Ruchita Mandal.JPG Ruchita Kashinath Mandal Qed Technologies 1.80
 Shubham Bhat.jpg Shubham Bhat FACE (Trainer) 2.64
 Saili Khapekar.jpg Sayali Khapekar FACE (Trainer) 2.64
 Kirti Turrey.jpg Kirti Turrey FACE (Trainer) 2.64
 KRUNAL SALWE.jpg Krunal Salwe FACE (Trainer) 2.64
 DHIRAJ NIKHARE.jpg Dhiraj Nikhare FACE (Trainer) 2.64
 Nitish Bahe.jpg Nitish Bahe iNautix 2.75
 Apurwa Sabde.jpg Apurwa Arvind Sabde iNautix 2.75
 Sanika Shende.JPEG Sanika Shende iNautix 2.75
 Shrweta Naik.jpg Shrweta Naik iNautix 2.75
 Saurabh Gadge.JPG Saurabh Gadge iNautix 2.75
 Pooja Rajurkar.jpg Pooja Rajurkar iNautix 2.75

Our Visionary

Dattaji Meghe
Hon'ble Shri Dattaji Meghe
Former Member of Parliament (Loksabha)
Chancellor, DMIMS, Nagpur
Chairman, NYSS

One lamp that lit strongly and firmly with a great vision of spreading the light of wisdom is our hon'ble Shri Dattaji Meghe who is in active public life for more than 30 years. He represented the people of Maharashtra in Lok Sabhya for 3 consecutive terms. He strongly believed that quality Education and Health only can bring about true transformation of the Huge Human Resource of our Nation.

In pursuit of our Chairman's social Commitment, a modest beginning ...


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