Conduct & Discipline

Conduct & Discipline

Failure of the candidate in making full and correct Statements in the application form and/or suppression of any information and/or submission of false documents shall lead to disqualification of the candidate for MHT-CET Exam, or even at later date during the Admission Process. Such a candidate will be debarred from the examination as well as the entire selection process. Therefore the candidate is required to make only such claims which could be substantiated by relevant original documents.

Adopting any unfair means or engaging in malpractice in the examination shall render a candidate liable for punishment under, "Maharashtra Prevention of Malpractices Act, Universities, Board and Other Specified Examination Act, 1982" and disqualify him/her for MHT-CET Examination.

If any person(s) or officer(s) dealing with the conduct of the MHT-CET are found engaged in act(s) that would result in the leakage of question paper or attempt to use or help in the use of unfair means in this examination he/she shall be liable to prosecution under Indian Penal Code.

Any issue not dealt here-in above will be dealt with, when arising, fully and finally by the Competent Authority.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, if the Govt. takes any policy decision pertaining to F.E. admission, then the same shall be brought in to effect at that point of time as per the directives from the Govt. from time to time. Students while studying in any college, if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of Acts and Laws enforced by Government or in any activity contrary to rules of discipline, will be liable to be expelled from the college without any notice by the Principal of the college.

Condition of minimum attendance: The Students will not be allowed to appear for the examination if he/she does not attends minimum 75 per cent classes of theory, practical, drawing etc.


As mentioned in Information Brochure of Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.