• Departmental Level Assessment (Annual)
  • Interaction with Role Model
  • Laptop Scheme
  • Project Quality Assurance Initiative
  • Experimentation by faculties prior to start of Semester.
  • Fee concession to wards of Faculty/Staff
  • Monetary incentives to Functional Heads
  • Financial Assistance to faculty (STTP/Workshops)
  • Faculty Mentor Mentee scheme
  • Keynote addresses at conferences and STTPs/FDP
  • Workshops by Professors from IITs, IIM
  • Financial Funding from AICTE
  • Assistance to faculty for paper presentation in India & abroad
  1. Incentives for papers published in International/National Journals and Conferences
  2. Visiting Professor Scheme (Interactive Sessions by Professors from IITs )
  3. Interaction with Local Industries for Industrial visits and training, Student Projects
  4. Mentor Scheme
  5. Expert guest lectures on difficult subjects
  6. Remedial Classes for Weak Students
  7. Question Bank & Model Answers
  8. Financial Assistance for Projects of Students
  9. Teacher guardian scheme
  10. SMS and Letters to Parents
  11. Resources of  DBACER as NBA Evaluator