Hon. Shri Dattaji Meghe

Chairman, Shri Vidyarthi Sudhar Sangh Ex-Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Chancellor, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, DU, Nagpur

One lamp that lit strongly and firmly with a great vision of spreading the light of wisdom is our Hon'ble Chairman Shri Dattaji Meghe who is in active public life for more than 35 years. He represented the people of Maharashtra in Lok Sabha for four terms and was also a member of parliament (Rajya Sabha). He strongly believed that quality Education and Health only can bring about true Transformation of the huge human resource of our nation. A man of humble origins, his even humbler demeanour, belies his gigantic achievements. He has toiled day and night for over four decades to bring health, education, prosperity and happiness to one of the most backward regions of the country.

In pursuit of our Chairman's social commitment, a modest beginning was made by starting a small educational institute 32 years ago, which has now grown up into an educational empire, called as Meghe Group of Institutions, covering almost all faculties of education spread all over Maharashtra State. Shri Dattaji Meghe insists on good quality of education, discipline and welfare of the students and staff.

MGI is like a joint family of about 50,000 students and about 5000 highly educated and skilled staff. It has established twenty seven institutions right from pre-primary to post graduate levels covering various faculties like Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering, Social Sciences, Commerce, Science, Physical Education and Performing Arts.

All the institutions are provided with highly qualified and well trained staff, well equipped laboratories, spacious class rooms and libraries, play grounds, canteens and transportation facilities for students and staff. Consequently, students always perform exceedingly well in the examinations. It is profound desire and ardent endeavor of our founder to evolve an education process involving modern technology and knowledge with preservation of our cultural heritage.